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SCSC Winter seminar  -  « Up-to-Sky & Down-to-Earth »               Program
Learn & Ski
Wednesday March 13 to Saturday March 16, 2024
CAVE: Hotel room reservation must be made latest by November 30


The JO Learn & Ski seminar will again take place in Grimentz, the town that hosts the arrival of the Grand Raid, the 125 kilometer mountain bike race that starts in Verbier.
The Grimentz resort offers great skiing, especially since Grimentz has been connected by cable car to the ski domain of Zinal.
Our hotel, the four-star Hotel Alpina, is located at the foot of the two cable car stations that take you up to the slopes. Those of you who have participated at last year’s seminar, remember the excellent hotel and it’s restaurant. Lectures will again be held at the nearby inside sport premises.
Accommodation availability is limited and to guartantee you a room,
the hotel requests that your reservation be made latest by November 30.  

You must make your reservation directly at the hotel.   
Phone : 027 476 16 16 or 027 476 20 61 Email:   
And you will be added to the seminar participant list only when you have signed up and paid the seminar fee to the JO’s.    

This years’ program
will be presented by three lecturers on which you find information in the enclosed brochure. The confirmed speakers are Prof Dr med Petra Schweinhardt who is the Head of the Department of Chiropractic Medicine at the Balgrist University Hospital and our colleague Dr Michael Vianin, DC, who has Master degree in Rehabilitation Sciences. The third speaker, Dr Mathieu Saubade, holds a degree in sports medicine and works at the university hospital in Lausanne. He specialises in podology and physical rehabilitation.    

Why the title
Up-to-Sky & Down-to-Earth » ? Here the explanation of our JO-man Philippe :  « Cela se réfère à la recherche (dans les nuages) et à la médecine du sport et podologie (les pieds sur terre) ».  Be assured this is going to be a most exciting and interesting seminar.

Our lecturers

Dr Petra Schweinhardt, PhD, Chiro Med, is the Head of the Department of Chiropractic Medicine at the Balgrist University Hospital and Professor of Chiropractic Medicine at the University of Zurich (UZH). She trained as an MD in Heidelberg, Germany, obtained a PhD at the University of Oxford, England and was a tenured professor at McGill University in Canada before transitioning to Switzerland. Here, she obtained her chiropractic degree at UZH and became Professor of Chiropractic Medicine in 2022.   

Dr Michael Vianin, MSc DC, is a chiropractor with aMasters degree in Rehabilitation Sciences who has over twenty years of experience working with people who suffer from musculoskeletal pain. He specializes in the management of complex cases, including post-operative care. Michael also has extensive teaching experience in the rehabilitation of musculo-skeletal disorders and in mentoring interns and residents.  

Dr Mathieu Saubade, MD, holds a degree in sports medicine and works presently at the unit ofphysical medicine and rehabilitation at the Centre Hospitalier universitaire Vaudois (CHUV).
His is author of many articles and presentations he hosted on local tv channels, such as
'La Chaise qui tue',   ‘Skier sans douleurs’ et ‘Faites bouger vos Enfants’.


Past seminars

Basics of Functional Neurology  -  Introductory Module     
Saturday, October 28  -  Sunday, October 29. 2023

Dr Nicole Oliver, DC and Dr Karl Stalaker, DC

The clinical benefit associated with manual therapy is not simply related to restoring movement to restricted joints and normalising local muscle tone through segmental reflex effects. A major therapeutic role is attributed to activation of the central nervous system (CNS) – in recent years the literature is saying this more and more. It is thought that many chronic or treatment-resistant musculoskeletal conditions are perpetuated by ongoing neurological dysfunctions or maladaptive post-injury changes in the CNS. It has also been suggested that a neurorehabilitative approach is what is needed to more successfully manage such chronic musculoskeletal conditions.
This seminar aims to teach you the basics of functional neurology in a simple and
easy-to-understand way. It will provide you with fundamental knowledge of nervous  system structure and function, as well as teaching examination techniques related to the cerebellum, cranial nerves and eye movements. You will also learn the basic  principles of neuro-rehabilitation. The seminar will be interactive with numerous practical sessions to develop your newly learnt skills and emphasize the clinical application of the material taught.

- Brochure / Program    For questions and further information contact   -->
- Registration Form

Lyss Forestry Training Center (FTCL)
Hardernstrasse 20
3250 Lyss

Pricing Seminar      Pricing Room price (per person)       Food price
    DC  450.-                        Single  98.-                                              Saturday lunch 19.-
    Assistant 250.-             Double  73.-                                           Saturday dinner 16.-  
    Student 150.-               Triple  63.-                                              Sunday breakfast 15.-

Saturday October 28           Sunday October 29
          09.00-13.00 Lecture            08.00 Breakfast
          13.15-14.30 Lunch               09.00 - 13.00 Lecture
          14.30-18.30 Lecture
          19.00 Dinner


Taping seminar
With Khelaf KERKOUR
Saturday, July 1

The taping seminar will be held in Lausanne during the weekend of Athletissima. It will be an introductory and refresher course   

Program and sign-up

Save the date


FICS Global Symposium 2023 :   Road to Paris
June 17 - 18
Hilton Paris - La Defense        LINK

Join us in person for ‘The Road to Paris’
he FICS 2023 Global Symposium will lay the foundation of learning for those on the road to the Paris 2024 Olympics.
he full agenda will be released here, featuring a high profile local keynote speaker, FICS speakers, round table panel, practical workshops, and question and answer sessions with Olympic Chiropractors.  

Agenda themes:
– The Journey Begins
– Cultivating and Optimizing Talent in Sport
– The Climb to Excellence
– Reaching for Gold


FICS Global Symposium 2022 : A New View of Sports Injury Care
Virtual presentation     It is possible to reiew the symposium till December 31  HERE

Some of the topics :
– An amalgam fusing 40 years of investigating the issues of assessing pain pathways and limiters of performance with clinical work on a broad spectrum of athletes.
– Information on common clinical presentations of “Vascular Occulsion in Athletes”.
– Review treatment approaches for golf related back pain as well as rehabilitation tools for those golf related injuries of the lumbar spine.
– Sacroiliac Joint pain is one of the most common injuries we treat.  Learn why this region is injured so frequently, and how to best manage the problem.  Also diiscover how to best screen the SI joint for dysfunction.  


Evaluation Globale et Interdisciplinaire des Jeunes Athlètes

Par le Réseau de Santé et Sport et le Groupement de Pédiatres Vaudois
December 1, 2022  in Lausanne   

Topics are :     
- Fatigue, Nutrition, Bilan sanguin   
- Ados élites, risques, recherche de limites - Quand faut-il référer ?     
- Traumatismes et lésions de l'appareil locomoteur
- Gynéco - ado et sport   
- Quand la comptéte s'arrête (blessure, burn-out) - comment accompagner l'ado
Program  :   HERE
Signing up :    HERE   125 CHF after October 31



Zürcher Sportmedizin Symposium   «Kind und Sport»       Program
Freitag, 2. Dezember 2022 - Clinique Universitaire Balgrist, ZurichWhen supervising children and young people practicing recreational and/or competitive sport, various orthopedic question may arise, such as the care of an acute injury, or the identification of possible overuse damage just to mention two. This seminar is aimed to answer the many questions relating to pediatric sport management.

    Stefanie Pfister
    T +41 44 386 38 33

Seminar fee  150 Franken
(comprises the seminar fee, lunch and nibbles at breaks, apéro)

Link to seminar sign up  -->  


Winter Learn and Ski Sport Seminar


Hotel Alpina, Grimentz  
March 15 - 18, 2023

See details HERE



Past SCSC Events

ICSC Seminar - Lower extremity module
Was held on August 20-21, 2022    August 20-21, 2022 NB: This is the new date, changed from August 27-28
Lausanne Program     
Winter Learn and Ski Sports Seminar
Was held  March 9 - 12, 2022 at Saas Fee
See the program here   
ICSC Hands-on Upper Extremity Seminar - Lausanne, Switzerland

Was held in
June and September, 2021      Up to 20 CE credits could be obtained
More at this link   O  
FICS Symposium - The Athlete's Journey   
Global Virtual Presentation  7 - 9 May 2021     Up to  12,5 CE credits could be obtained
More here     


Summer Sports Seminar -  by Carole Moser Ross, DC
Was held on Saturday August 28, 2021    

Program outline:
        9h45 - Coffee - Croissants
        10h30 - Pilates explained  
        10:45 - 11:45 Session I - One group
Pilates on Paddle
                                           -  Other group pétanque and/or beach games
        12:00 - 13:00   Session II - as above  
        13:00  Joyful lunch at the shore 'Buvette de la Pointe du Grain' with delicious
                  fondue and excellent local wine
Where:  Beach at Bevaix.   Details in enclosed     PROGRAM   


 SCSC Winter Seminar  -   Learn and Ski  
  Was held in Saas Fee, Switzerland  on  March 10 - 13, 2021   

The next winter seminar will be held on March 9 - 12, 2022       Program

See details at this link  O


Fall Seminar   
Was held on October 30 - November 1, 2020

Lecturers :

Florence Darbellay, Chiropractor and elite mountainbiker  
Daniel Fritschy, Orthopedic surgeon and specialist of sports medicine  
ean-Pierre Egger, National coach of Swiss Olympic and trainer

See article that appeared in the FICS December e-News  



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