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Paddle on the lake

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August 30, 2015
Stand-up paddle and myofascial release

The event has two parts: a morning session on paddling on lake Geneva off the shores of Lutry, and an afternoon session of myofascial release excercises.
Between the two there will be time to get together, have something to eat
and relax.
Please sign up soon to make organizing the event easier for the JO’s Philippe and Roger.
                                                  For full details click on image -->

: The place for the excercices has changed. After paddling, we meet at the
Gymnase Auguste Piccard, chemin de Bellerive 16, 1007 Lausanne, close to Ouchy --> g

As of August 20, 2015 we are about fifteen.  
Where: Paddle Centre, Plage de Lutry, ch des Bains
, 1095 Lutry  g

Register with Philippe Roulet:

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