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Educational Program


ICCSP and ChiroSuisse Sports Certification Project (see bottom)


ICCSP - Internationally Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician (or Practitioner)    Info Flyer
(Prior to June 1, 2013 it was named ICSSD, International Chiropractic Sport Science Diploma)

The Internationally Certified Chiropractic Sports Practicioner (ICCSP) has completed a postgraduate program of two extended weekend seminars combined with a comprehensive on-line ICCSP educational program (eLS) and a final exam. Furthermore he/she has to provide proof of hands-on /on-field practical experience.

The Fédération Internationale de Chiropratique du Sport (FICS) is in charge of this program. The aim is to set an appropriate minimum standard in theoretical and practical sports chiropractic education for chiropractors wanting to develop special competence in the field of sports chiropractic and to be qualified to serve on FICS teams at national and international games events.

These are the basic requirements for obtaining the ICSSP certificate :
    1. Complete the FICS
online education program (eLS).
    2. Complete module 1 and 2 (both hands-on seminars)
    3. Provide proof of professional experience:
    4. Demonstrate practical
out-of-clinic experience by documenting at least 50 different athletic injuries and treatments outside your clinic.           Or provide a letter in English on a letterhead from a team coach/administrator confirming that you are their team chiropractor for at                least one full season.         
          Or write minimum a case study with relevance to sports chiropractic published in a peer reviewed journal or a poster presentation                either at one of FICS Symposia or at an international sports science conference (with a peer review process).

    5. Provide current certification in CPR or equivalent credentials in emergency procedures - not more than 2 years old.
    6. Provide current chiropractic licence
    7. Payment of final administration cost after approval of the diploma is received

Please refer to the FICS website for further details on obtaining ICCSP certification.   Certification
For general information, click here :     Requirements

    The dates of course offerings are posted on the page FICS seminars


Project for a SCSC Sports Certificate endorsed by ChiroSuisse

Interest was expressed at the last General Assembly to offer beyond the ICCSP a more advanced sports education leading to certification and a title given by SCSC, endorsed by ChiroSuisse. This postgraduate professional specialized certification program is called in German „Fähigkeitsausweis“, in French "Certificat de Formation Complémentaire" and is meant to be equivalent to an academic continued education of a Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) or a Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS).

Module 1 of this complementary sports education will be the certificate issued by FICS with its 100h ICCSP program with online Learning System (eLS), two hands-on seminars, a valid CPR licence and proof of professional practical experience on the field. The ICCSP is the minimum sports certification that allows to serve on a medical team at international or selected national sports events.

The subsequent Module 2 of this complementary sports education will need an extra 200h of sports education to fulfill the 300h formation required by the Swiss Chiropractic Academy for the obtention of a ChiroSuisse Complementary Certification. A suggested possibility to cumulate 200h after the 100h already obtained from the ICCSP program, would be 100h practical experience (out-of-clinic sport experience, maybe also case study and/or peer group presentations) and another 100h through 6-8 additional seminars and/or courses in collaboration with the Swiss Association of Sports Medicine.

The Education Commission will investigate the possibilities and the feasibility of this project.


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