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What is SCSC

Swiss Chiropractic Sports Council          
SCSC Brochure  

History :

SCSC was founded in 1996 and is a member
of the world sport organisation FICS, the Fédération Internationale de Chiropratique du Sport.

Objectives :
The main objectives of SCSC are to maintain, apply, and promote chiropractic in sports, and to safeguard the general and pertinent professional interests of the chiropractic physician. In particular :

•   Promotion and encouragement for the improvement of athletic performance through optimal chiropractic treatment, rehabilitation and      prevention of sports injuries.
  Promotion of scientific and clinical research, in view of the rehabilitation and prevention of sports injuries and the improvement of athletic      performance.
  Encouragement, control and evaluation of sports performance.
  Representation of sports chiropractic and building of working relationships with the sports authorities and other medical sports      profession.
•   M
aking chiropractic known as independent medical profession.
•   P
romotion of the academic education of sports chiropractic and the encouragement of its study.
•   E
stablishment and the maintenance of good confraternity between its members.

Membership :
The SCSC has 92 members (2024)

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