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Trophée et Descente 2018

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Sunday Febuary 11, 2018  

Our member Yvonne Juvet has, with the help of family and friends, turned an idea into reality when she brought a different no-stress winter sports event to the Val-de-Travers, where she lives with her family. This was back in 2008 and it was in 2009 when the 1st edition of the Trophée du Chasseron came into life. It is organized jointly with the traditional Descente du Chasseron-Buttes which has celebrated in 2015 its 25th edition since 1951. The Trophée 2018 will be the 8th edition, the Descente the 27th.

The Trophée  -  Only winners and no loosers
What is it ? It is a ski touring outing to the top of the Chasseron, the popular hiking destination at 1’600 m above Yverdon. Depending on your mood or ambitions you either can make it as an outing “rando-plaisir” or else race against the clock. Two trophées are offered - Trophée du Chasseron with 1'140 m up and the Trophée des Preisettes with 640 m. The Trophée du Chasseron takes about 1:30 to 2:30 hrs and maybe half for the Preisettes.

This year
both of the ski-touring options can also be done as simple ski touring outings without time-taking – the parcours is really nice and the top of the Chasseron with its restaurant offers amazing views.

And for those who do not practice ski touring, it is possible to participate in the Descente Chasseron-Buttes. It is a down-hill race that everybody can master, it is not Lauberhorn ;-) and will take you about 10 to 15 minutes.

Participants who opt for the Trophée will ski down from the top of the Chasseron on the slopes of the downhill race back to Buttes. So it is kind of two-in-one, Trophée and Descente.

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Here's the link to the event 2018    

Questions ? Call Yvonne at 079 206 39 22  (032 861 44 22 office)

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