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General Assembly 2017 - Saas-Fee
The general assembly was held on Thursday 9 March, 2017

Below the major items and decisions
Education: Ways to improve the sport education of Swiss sports chiropractors were discussed. Options were status quo of offering seminars, obtention of ICCSP certification, and a 300 h complementary certification formation (CCF). The result of the consultatory vote gave preference for the ICCSP, over the status quo option, but many members would also be interested in an advanced chiropractic sports education program. These results will be evaluated regarding to what follow-up should be made by the Education Commission.
ICCSP: In order to encourage the obtention of ICCSP certification among young and newly installed DCs, it was voted that the SCSC will support them with a contribution of 1’000 CHF, given that they complete the program within five years and participate for three days as sports DC at a SCSC agreed sport event.
Treasury: The SCSC finances are solid and no extraordinary expenses are expected for 2017. The budget 2017 was presented. Books and budget were accepted by the assembly.
The open posts of vice-president and secretary of the executive board could be filled respectively through Clarisse Noirat and Christa Joder.

General Assembly 2016

The general assembly was held at Saas-Almagell on
Friday February 5, 2016.

Major items and decisions :
  - All reports were accepted and discharge was given to the executive committee.
  - Membership remained stable at 70.
  - The financial situation is sound and the budget anticipates a surplus for next year.
  - It was decided to contribute 20.- from the SCSC membership fee to a SCSC education fund to be created.
  - Accounting, budget and auditors report were accepted.
  - Maurizio Noseda, DC was reconfirmed by vote to the executive board. Newly elected was Emilie Leonard, DC
  - Next assembly to be held at the CE-course in Davos in fall.

Committee Meeting November 11, 2015

The principal items that were discussed :
  - Consitution of the executive board and elegibility
    Election of May 21, 2015 was unconstitutional.
Jean-Pierre Cordey remains president
Sports education and diplomas
  - Evaluation of past events
  - Proposals for future activities
  - Next general assembly

Extraordinary Assembly May 21, 2015

Elections of the new executive members were held after resignation of President Jean-Pierre Cordey, Vice-President Peter Keller and Secretary Roger Picard.
Philippe Roulet, chairman communications, has also resigned.

Election results :
                       President : Martin Kumm
                       Other board members : Marc-Antoine Zurkirch, Marina Da Costa and Maurizio Noseda.
The elected board members will hold the positions of Vice-President, Secretary and a position still to be decided.
Treasury continues to be handled by Chris Wegelin.

Next events are the Golf tournament, the 2nd ChiroSuisse Golf Trophy in Crans on Thursday September 10 and the stand-up paddle on August 30th at lake Geneva, on the shores of Lutry near Lausanne.

Committee Meeting April 22, 2015

The SCSC committee has met in Bienne to prepare the elections of the new board of the SCSC.

The SCSC members below have shown interest to step in to replace the resigning board members.
Martin Kumm, Marc-Antoine Zurkirch, Marina Da Costa and Maurizio Noseda.

Saas-Almagell - ordinary assembly
Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The SCSC general assembly was held on Wednesday evening.

- Excecutive reports, Membership report and treasury and auditors report were accepted.
- Nine new members were accepted into the SCSC. The SCSS has 67 members.
- Roland Noirat, founder of SCSC and past president, was elected honorary member.
- Commissions were reinforced by accepting Marina DaCosta, Martin Kumm, Maurizio Noseda and Marc-Anoine Zurkirch.
- At least one other seminar will be organized this year, probably in fall.
- An extraordinary assembly will be held during the CE course in Bern. Main item will be the renewal of the executive.

Committee Meeting Biel/Bienne
November 19, 2014

Main item was discussion and putting into place the succession of the present committee. For this, five young interested DCs attended. They presented their ideas for the future of the SCSC.

This meeting was extremely positive, as the foundation was laid that promises a bright future for 'chirosport'.

The next committee meeting will be convened during the January seminar in Saas-Almagell. General elections for posts on the committee will be held at the SCSC general assembly on May 21, 2015 in Bern.

General Assembly 2014

May 15, 2014 Bern  16h00

On May 15, our General Assembly was held.

:  The reports presented by the executive were unanimously accepted.
Treasury :  The SCSC finances are sound and the treasury report and the 2015 budget were accepted.
Membership :  Membership over the past five years was stable, admissions equalling resignations.
     The following were accepted as new members :
FROIDEVAUX Laurence, LÜTHY Thomas, ZURKIRCH Marc-Antoine, ILLI Claude.
Elections :  Jean-Pierre Cordey was elected president. Roland Noirat, who stepped down, will stay with the committee as past president.

Committee Meeting
May 7, 2014 Yverdon-les-Bains

The SCSC committee met to discuss pending items and make plans for the future of the SCSC.
The issue of how to attract younger DCs was discussed. Among the proposals are contacting recently graduated DCs and assistants, offer financial help for the obtention of the international sports certificate in exchange for active and motivated involvement in the management and the developement of the activities of the SCSC, having a permanent SCSC booth to offer information on the SCSC at the next CE course and offering a sport chiropractic workshop at future CE courses.
Another 2014 seminar may be organized in nearby France and preliminary contacts have been taken with Dr Brian Nooks, DC, renowned lecturer on sports chiropractic for our traditional winter seminar in 2015.

SCSC Meeting in Engelberg

January 17, 2014

An informal meeting was convened and the following topics were briefly discussed :
    - Possible places for upcoming seminars - Villars for a fall seminar, Andermatt for next winter seminar.
    - Use of SCSC funds : To give some financial support to young DCs for studies in sports chiropractic was favorably received.
    - Two members volunteered to review the SCSC books in advance of the next AGM.

SCSC Committee Meeting 2013

April 18, 2013

Items discussed
- The idea was presented to create an European Sport Council to enhance European presence at FICS.
- It was mentioned that a sport education is being set up at the Quebec University, called Graduate
   Microprogram in Sports Chiropractic, which might be interesting in the formation in sports oriented
- It was decided that SCSC should  search more involvement and ties with Chirosuisse to obtain more support
   for the presence of sports chiropractic in Switzerland.
- It was considered important to reactivate the involvement of Chiropractors in sport events.
- A seminar is to be organized in eastern Switzerland, if possible still this year.
- A task force was set up to deal with above issues with the intent to activate SCSC involvement on the sports
   chiropractic scene in Switzerland.

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