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              SCSC Fall Seminar - Friday 19 October -> Saturday 20 October (in French)    O
              ICCSP Upper Extremity Seminar, Oxford, UK
- Friday, October 19 -> Sunday, October 21, 2018    
              ICCSP Lower Extremity Seminar, Malmö, Sweden   
              Various conferences and seminars     O

Proposed readings :
              Current concepts in sports injury rehabilitation   
Project SCSC Sports Certificate  (see below)


General Assembly 2018  - Saas-Fee
The general assembly was held on Wednesday March 7, 2018

Below the major items and decisions :

Education: After consulting ChiroSuisse a complementary certification formation (CCF) in sports chiropractic should be possible. After obtention of the FICS ICCSP,  300h additional sports education must have to be completed.
Membership:  Membership has increased by 3 to a total of 76members  by the end of the assembly.
Treasury: The SCSC finances are solid and no extraordinary expenses are expected for 2018. Ways were considered to to keep surpluses lower than in the past. They included lowering the membership fee and/or seminar fees. The budget 2018 was presented. Books, budget and auditors report were accepted by the assembly.
Executive and committee:
 The standing members accepted to stay for another year. Charlotte Sewpersad was accepted by the assembly to become a member of the committee.

The next General Assembly will possibly be held on Wednesday March 6, 2019


Project for a SCSC Sports Certificate endorsed by ChiroSuisse

At the GA 2017 interest was expressed to offer beyond the ICCSP a more advanced sports education leading to certification and a title given by SCSC, endorsed by ChiroSuisse. This postgraduate professional specialized certification program is called in German „Fähigkeitsausweis“, in French "Certificat de Formation Complémentaire" and is meant to be equivalent to an academic education such as a Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) or a Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS).  More information :   Project


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