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              Taping in Lausanne  -   November 10-11, 2017
              Winter seminar 2018
 -  March 7-10, 2018
              General Assembly  -
Will be held in Saas-Fee probably on Wednesday March 7, 2018
              Project SCSC Sports Certificate


November 10-11 in Lausanne       Program  and sign-up   HERE (Please note that the program mentions wrongly jeudi-vendredi on page two)

Total Taping is a refreshingly functional look at the variety of tapes and taping techniques. This course looks at objective markers and outcome measures. All applications are driven by the question:  ‘What are you trying to achieve with the tissues in front of you?”  
The course is in English and taught in a way
that is easy to understand and with concepts you can apply immediately in your office.

The role of taping is divided into 4 key principles:
Often with rigid taping and exemplified by the common techniques in pre-event taping of athletes or acute injury
Mainly fascial techniques to offload injured tissues enabling often immediate return of ROM and/or strength
Up-regulate neural firing for muscle activation and postural control
Reduce muscle hypertonicity – both for acute and chronic dysfunction


Learn & Ski Seminar 2018
March 7 - 10 at Saas-Fee

In 2018 again our winter seminar will take place in Saas Fee. The program has been finalized and can be viewed at this LINK

Please consult also the seminar page at   Education

We plan to hold our ordinary General Assembly on Wednesday March 7, 2018.


SCSC Logo for your sport and office apparel

It is wished that the SCSC logo is visible and that our members are recognized as sports chiropractor.

The drive held during the CE Convention in Grindelwald to have the SCSC logo embroidered on sport and office apparel, was pretty succesful. Over eighty SCSC logos will be embroidered on polos , T-shirts and work dresses.

The merchandise should be ready latest end of October.


Project for a SCSC Sports Certificate endorsed by ChiroSuisse

Interest was expressed at the last General Assembly to offer beyond the ICCSP a more advanced sports education leading to certification and a title given by SCSC, endorsed by ChiroSuisse. This postgraduate professional specialized certification program is called in German „Fähigkeitsausweis“, in French "Certificat de Formation Complémentaire" and is meant to be equivalent to an academic continued education of a Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) or a Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS).  More information :   Project


General Assembly 2017  - Saas-Fee
The general assembly was held on Thursday March 9, 2017

Below the major items and decisions
Education: Ways to improve the sport education of Swiss sports chiropractors were discussed. Options were status quo of offering seminars, obtention of ICCSP certification, and a 300 h complementary certification formation (CCF).  The result of the consultatory vote gave preference for the ICCSP, over the status quo option, but many members would also be interested in an advanced chiropractic sports education program. These results will be evaluated regarding to what follow-up should be made by the Education Commission.
ICCSP: In order to encourage the obtention of ICCSP certification among young and newly installed DCs, it was voted that the SCSC will support them with a contribution of 1’000 CHF, given that they complete the program within five years and participate for three days as sports DC at a sport event.
Treasury: The SCSC finances are solid and no extraordinary expenses are expected for 2017. The budget 2017 was presented. Books and budget were accepted by the assembly.
The open posts of vice-president and secretary of the executive board could be filled respectively through Clarisse Noirat and Christa Joder.

The next General Assembly will probably be held on Wednesday March 7, 2018


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