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Symposium 2018


Le pied dans le sport
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Lesions of the foot and the ankle are frequent in the general population and even more so among athletes. The objectif of the day is to review certain foot pathologies found in sports that are insufficiently known and recognized.  Treatment and reeducation approaches will be presented from the stand point of the surgeon, of sports medicine, physiotherapy, osteopathy, podology and chiropractic. The afternoon offers workshops for hands-on and practical training.

General information                                 
    Date: 14 April 2018
    Time: 8h00 - 18h00
    Place: Auditoire salle HES Avenue de la Roseraie 76A, 1205 Genève   
    Cost:  100.--   lunch, breaks, and working material included
    Language: French

Signing up:        HERE  

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